A Musical Offering

Carriage Barn Park-McCullough House, 1 Park Street, North Bennington

Bennington Baroque returns to the Carriage Barn to offer 18th-century music by Bach, Boismortier, Couperin, and Dornel. Emily Hale (baroque violin), Mathieu Langlois (baroque flute), André Laurent O'Neil (baroque cello) and Sandra Mangsen (harpsichord). Mask up and join us at this concert sponsored by Park McCullough House.

Concert Reminders

Concert Reminders

Samson at Home


We are back!

(Covid-19 willing)

Next Concert: Sunday, 31 Oct 2021 (Hallowe'en)

2 pm

Carriage Barn, Park McCullough House

North Bennington, Vermont

Bach, Boismortier, Couperin, Dornel


  • Emily Hale, baroque violin
  • Mathieu Langlois, baroque flute
  • André Laurent O'Neil, baroque cello
  • Sandra Mangsen, harpsichord

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